ER GLASS 9H protective glass for Apple iPhone

Reliable protection

ER GLASS protective glass is one of the most reliable protective elements for the display of your device. Thanks to its special shape, it adheres from edge to edge and thus protects every bit of your device’s display. The glass is designed for maximum strength and bright colors.

Thanks to the hardness of 9H, which is 3 times stronger than conventional films, it will reliably protect your display from scratches and breakage. There are no gaps or bubbles during installation, so the sensitivity of the display is not affected in any way.

In addition, it has an oleophobic layer that protects the glass against fingerprints.

Something extra

We try to follow the path of sustainability and offer customers the same option. The company ERTEA SE holds an FSC® license, so you can now find ER CASE brand products in packaging with the FSC® label. By choosing such a product, you support responsible management of the world’s forests. More information can be found at*​

*The complete list of certified packaging is available on request at

Product is available for Apple iPhone 6 and newer.

Key properties:

  • easy installation without bubbles
  • great grip
  • hardness 9H – 3x higher than classic glasses
  • oleophobic layer resistant to fingerprints
  • maximum sensitivity
  • preserving the colors and touch properties of the display
  • the glass will break in the event of a sharp impact, but the display will last in most cases thanks to the distribution of energy